Yacht Racing

The Derwent Sailing Squadron has one of the most comprehensive sailing programs offered by any club in Tasmania and is renowned for its yacht racing quality and professionalism.

Most weekends of the year, DSS yachts can be seen battling it out with each other and the elements on the River Derwent. Whilst the Pipe Opener, Two Capes, Launceston to Hobart and King of the Derwent rightly enjoy pride of place in the calendar, there are more than 150 events enjoyed over the course of a season by sailors of all abilities.

Yacht racing takes place in divisions depending on each boat’s individual specifications, and with all craft individually handicapped, it makes for some invigorating and very close racing. With many designs needing crews of three or more, there are always skippers on the lookout for reliable crew. For those who cannot afford to buy or run their own yachts, this is one of the most cost-effective routes into sailing.

Regattas and event management

The Derwent Sailing Squadron is able to manage and organise major regattas and boating events.

The club hosted the 2015 SB20 State and National Championships involving a week-long event of daily yacht races.

The club has a dedicated and hard-working race management team who have considerable experience to draw upon. It is this professionalism that enables organisers of major events on the national and international stage to feel assured that their event is in good hands.



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