Great race day for Derwent Sailing Squadron

Not only was it the turn of the Derwent Sailing Squadron to run yesterday’s Combined Clubs summer pennant river race but club members and their boats dominated results.

On a perfect day for sailing on the Derwent, DSS club manager Shaun Tiedemann’s Sydney 35cr Philosopher won each handicap category of Group 1, PHS, AMS and IRC.

The club’s sailing manager Michael Denney’s Bakewell-White 39 Wild West finished a close second on corrected time.

Filepro puts Tilt about soon after the start.

Commodore Steve Chau finished first across the line in Group 3 with his Young 88, Young Lion, and won the AMS category.

Vice Commodore Peter Haros won the AMS category of Group 2, also placing second under PHS scoring.

After three Combined Clubs summer pennant races, Wild West, Wings Three and Young Lion also head leader-board in their divisions under AMS scoring.

In fact, it will be great weekend for the Squadron as this afternoon the Lord Mayor Sue Hickey will officially launch the DSS long offshore race, the Riversdale Estate Wines Launceston to Hobart Yacht Race.

L2H race entrant The Fork in Road, Gary Smith Bakewell-White 45, put an early stamp on line honours again by getting the gun yesterday from a huge fleet of 50 boats.

The biggest Saturday afternoon in several seasons enjoyed a beat to windward down the river to White Rock and a fast spinnaker run back in a south-easterly sea-breeze that ranged from 10 to 20 knots in strength.

Wings Three won Group 2 AMS.

In Group 1 AMS, Philosopher, with the owner’s son Sam on the helm, won from Michael and Michelle Denney’s Wild West, third place going to Intrigue (Don Calvert).

Philosopher won PHS from Doctor Who (Rod Jackman) and Filepro (Tim Gadsby) in the IRC category won from Doctor Who and Madness (Gavin Adamson).

In Group 2, Wings Three won AMS from 42 South (Mark Ballard) and Jiyuu (Peter Davis) while Bellerive Yacht Club entrant Pirate’s Pride (Peter Masterston) won PHS from Wings Three and the 8-metre Juana (Jock Young) .

DSS Commodore Steve Chau won Group 3 AMS from Silicon Ship (Gordon Clark & David Wyatt) and Footloose (Stewart Geeves).

Under PHS scoring first place went to Charles Peacock’s classic sloop Serica from the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania, second to Trouble (Mark Millhouse), third to Miss Conduct (Brian Fleming).

Frank Chatterton’s Kamehameha missed out on a hat-trick, placing fourth under PHS scoring.

In Group 4, Camlet Way (Stephen Mannering) beat Kindred Spirit (Peter Alcock) across the line, but the result was reversed under PHS handicaps with Kindred Spirit winning her second race of the summer.  Third place went to Astrolabe (Peter Bosworth).

Group 2 start in today's Combined Clubs river race.

Words and Photos: Peter Campbell

11 November 2017


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