International Certificate of Competence (ICC)

Are you wanting to charter a boat in Europe? Did you know that you may need an International Certificate of Competence (ICC)?

Many European countries require the skipper of a pleasure craft to provide evidence of competence in the form of an ICC (or to give it its full title International Certificate for Operators of Pleasure Craft).

To obtain the ICC you must be in possession of an Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Day Skipper Practical Certificate of Competence or higher qualification. Derwent Sailing Squadron (DSS) Sailtrain is the only Tasmanian RYA Training Centre accredited to assess for ICC Sail (incl. power up to 10m) in Coastal Waters.

In general terms, an ICC is required for inland waterways of Europe and for coastal waters of UK and Mediterranean countries.

The ICC validity is determine by the country being visited, so it is not a truly international qualification. In countries of Europe the ICC will usually provide evidence of competence to the local authority or a charter company.

To apply for an ICC you must be aged 16 or over and physically and mentally fit to operate a pleasure craft.

The ICC assessment is also accessible to experienced, but uncertificated, yachtsman who have an approximately equal level of knowledge to RYA Day Skipper. This requires a sound knowledge and understanding of basic coastal navigation, and a good familiarity with collision regulations, buoyage, pilotage, safety and seamanship.

ICC Assessment

Our examiners can assess you aboard the DSS RYA accredited training boat or on your own boat (if requested).

To be issued an ICC for a sailing vessel your skills and knowledge must be the equivalent of a RYA Day Skipper.

As part of your examination you will be required to complete a theory and practical assessment, generally over two sessions, in the following areas

  • Safety
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Pilotage
  • Navigation
  • Berthing and close-quarter handling
  • Man Overboard recovery
  • Emergency situations
  • Boat handing under power and sail.

The assessment takes place at the DSS and on the waters of the River Derwent.

For more information go to Apply for an ICC

Cost of ICC assessment
  • $750 ICC assessment comprising practical and theory component.
  • $65/hr for private theory (class room) tuition prior to the ICC assessment
  • $65/hr for private practical (on water - own boat) tuition prior to ICC assessment
  • $75/hr for private practical (on water - DSS training boat) tuition prior to the ICC assessment.

If you need to brush up on your navigation before your ICC assessment the Inshore and Coastal Navigation Course offered by the DSS covers the navigational elements required for ICC.

ICC application costs - charged by RYA

Issue of the ICC is free of charge for existing RYA members. You can also join the RYA at the same time as you apply for the ICC and have your ICC issued free of charge. This may be a cheaper than paying for the certificate to be issues (see the ICC application form for current fees).

** RYA current turnaround time from the date your application is received is approx 5-6 weeks. We recommend utilising the RYA fast track service if you require your ICC for this years European summer.


For more information about this course or to book an assessment please contact the DSS Office;
Phone 03 6223 1977 | email sailtrain@dssinc.org.au

If you are interested in a course and no suitable dates are listed, why not tell us what you are interested in by completing the SailTrain Expression of Interest form. We will contact you to discuss your requirements further.



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