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DSS signs up for Australian Sailing’s SailPass

The 2019-20 sailing season will see the introduction of Australian Sailing’s SailPass to assist those who are not yet a member of an affiliated sailing or yacht club to enjoy our sport.

It has been a requirement of the sport for many years that all people taking part in racing are members of an Australian Sailing-affiliated club. People new to the sport are allowed three races before they are expected to join a club.

The benefits of club membership are of course many, but for racing sailors in particular one of the tangible benefits is being covered by Australian Sailing’s Personal Accident Insurance. This policy is included in the membership fee for all members of Australian Sailing-affiliated clubs, including DSS.

AS’s insurance cover is in force at all times while engaged in sailing, even on land at the Club and travelling to and from the Club. Policy details and documents are available on the Australian Sailing website.

Non-members are not covered by this insurance and so rely on the boat insurance of the vessel they are sailing on or their own resources to cover them in the event of an injury.

So as well as complying with the Racing Rules of Sailing by ensuring all crew on board are members of an affiliated Club, skippers can now ensure that even casual crew on board their boats are covered by Australia Sailing’s insurance policy.

How does it work?

In mid-2019 the Combined Clubs Committee (CCC), made up of Flag Officers from the Derwent Sailing Squadron, Bellerive Yacht Club and Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania, agreed to go ahead with introducing SailPass for the coming sailing season. The CCC agreed to limit the availability to six passes for the year, reasoning that people who sail more often than that will want to become members of one of the Clubs.

The CCC also decided not to charge for SailPasses to encourage skippers to bring along as many people new to sailing as possible.

SailPass has been in operation in Victoria for two seasons and has worked very successfully in ensuring that everyone on the water is insured and in encouraging new sailors into the sport. Any regular racing skipper will attest that recruiting crew is a regular part of yacht racing. A system that helps with this is always going to be welcome.

DSS has set up a link to SailPass on the Sailing page of the Club’s website. ~ HERE ~

In summary, SailPass is:

The CCC will review the operation of SailPass at the end of the season.

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