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Skipper Seeking Crew

42 South (01/10/2017)

Crew Role Required: We often sail short handed, so you would doing a number of crew roles. Modern French offshore capable boat (twin rudders) specially setup for short handed sailing. Ring me to discuss….

Dates Needed: Whole Season (incl twilights)

Contact Mark on 0439 637 483 or email mrballard@optusnet.com.au

Rusalka (Hallberg-Rassy 40) (25/09/2017)

Crew Role Required: Planning Hobart to Nelson (NZ) with a crew of 3. Share watch keeping and general duties.  Beyond COLREGs no knowledge of racing rules required. No racing, no constant sail trimming for that extra 0.1knot, no changing sails more often than every 10 days but may include running away from slightly bigger seas.

Dates Needed: January 2018

Contact Alex on 0417 325 230 or email papij@turo.com.au

Haphazard (21/09/2017)

Crew Role Required: All Roles

Dates Needed: 2017-18 season

Contact Andrew on 0418 143 759 or email ajsinclair@gmail.com

Rumbeat (15/09/2017)

Crew Role Required: Regular crew. Foredeck and cockpit.

Dates Needed: Twilight racing and long distance series

Contact Justin on 0408 054 199 or email jbboat@netspace.net.au

Quiros (18/08/2017)

Crew Role Required: Forward hand for Launceston to Hobart Race 2017 must be competent. Yacht Cole Pawtucket 35

Dates Needed: Practice in October /November  subject to fitting of new diesel and new standing rigging being completed

Contact Wayne on 0419 932 944 or email wayne.williams@live.com

FOOTLOOSE (17/08/2017)

Crew Role Required: Any role, any level of experience We normally compete in the long harbour and long races (Maria, L2H & Bruny) for any given season

Dates Needed: Summer season 2017

Contact Stewart on 0419 503 624 or email footloose881@gmail.com

VISTULA (16/08/2017)

Crew Role Required: Any Role

Dates Needed: Always

Contact Greg on 6225 5273 or email gbiskup@bigpond.net.au 

Crew Available

Ralph Forinash (27/10/17)
Experience: Entering my third year racing 33/26 footers on Derwent River.  I’ve completed the introductory sailing course at DSS and will complete the Competent Crew course in early November.

Looking For: Casual offshore sail, any crew role.  Looking to broaden my experience and get a taste of deeper water sailing.

Contact on 0432 950 166 or email fralph29@internode.on.net

Maider Calero (23/10/17)
Experience: I recently joined a sail training association in Hobart and I volunteer as a deckhand on a brig. Before that I practised windsurfing.

Looking For: Casual sail for now, regular crew role in the future.

Contact on 0457 146 607 or email maider.cg.87@gmail.com

Tim Ferguson (Yogi)  (16/10/17)
Experience: 8 L2H races, 2 Bruny Island yacht race, 1 Maria Island yacht race and winter series race on Ramrod also have been racing on Lawless in weekly races in Launceston.

Looking For: A ride in this year Launceston to Hobart yacht race

Contact on 0407 360 387 or email plasterd.yachting@hotmail.com

Ben O’Connor (09/10/17)
Experience: 6 months twilight race sailing and some offshore sailing experience

Looking For: Regular crew

Contact on 0406 523 650 or email benoonob@hotmail.com

Mick Thomas (04/10/17)
Experience: Coastal experience  NZ, minimal racing experience, very keen, nurse with lots of emergency experience

Looking For: Regular crew

Contact on 0484 722 407 or email mickthomas66@outlook.com

Graeme (28/09/17)
Experience: No recent experience; grew up around boats and raced dinghies as a teenager – am now 38 and keen to get involved in sailing again. Enthusiastic and eager to learn.

Looking For: Available for twilight races as a casual/regular

Contact on 0439 914 693 or email gandkzosky@bigpond.com

Greg Biskup (28/09/2017)

Experience: 4o years windsurfing, 8 years sailing 2 handed Vistula 24 ft winning 8 pennants.

Looking for: regular or casual

Contact Greg on 6225 5273 or email gbiskup@bigpond.net.au

Judi Marshall (20/09/2017)

Experience: I have competed in 5 previous Launceston to Hobart races (2011-2016) on the mighty orange Kaiulani.  Have competed in 11 regattas in the past 18 months including Darwin to Ambon and the three Whitsunday regattas (Airlie, Hammo, Maggie). Skipper in the AWKR 2017 coming 1st in IMS and most improved performance trophy. Competent on foredeck and trim. Seafit with current First Aid, SSSC and Coxwains.

Availability Leading Up To L2H: I will be in Hobart late Oct to Nov7. Racing in Asia from Nov 7 to Dec 13. Available for delivery to TYC.

Contact Judi on 0438 589 955 or email Phycotec@trump.net.au

Karijn van Asten (18/09/17)
Experience: No experience yet, very eager to learn, love being on ships and aound water. Pick up on things quickly, hard worker and enthusiastic.

Looking For: Anything available on board!

Contact on 0481 964 130 or email vkarijn@hotmail.com

Bill Goodluck (15/09/17)
Experience: Completed Syd-Hbt’s, Melb-Hbt and extensive sailing at club level.

Contact on 0477 460 259 or email jgoodluc@hotmail.com

Michael (27/08/17)
Looking for: Regular crew/casual what ever is on offer.

Experience: I’m 25-year-old male, looking to crew. I have limited experience on board big boats, although I used to crew on a 45ft in Fremantle for the winter series as a bow man a few years ago, and have decent knowledge. I’m really interested in boating and want to spend as much time sailing and learning as possible. I am new to Tassie and am keen to get involved with sailing and socially.

Contact on  0426 787 022 or email mike22faure@gmail.com

Laura (14/08/17)
Looking for: A regular role, but happy to pick up what I can to get me on the water until then.

Experience: I am sailing since I am 5 years old and I have been on a boat my whole life. I did a trip around the world, on a sailing boat, when I was younger. I am pretty comfortable with any kind of manoeuvre. I also taught dinghy sailing for 7 years. I am a french speaker, so I don’t know all the English term for sailing, but I am a fast learner.

Contact on  0499 908 669 or email lau.mony@hotmail.com

Kendal (05/04/17)
Looking for: A regular role, but happy to pick up what I can to get me on the water until then. Free Wednesdays.

Experience: Have  some sailing experience, previously crewing on Adams 10 and Runnalls 39 based at RPYC, but haven’t sailed for about 3 years. Currently working as a Coxswain for a local tour operator, so comfortable on the water, but looking to grow my sailing knowledge and experience.

Contact on 0423 414 655 or email kendalboughton@gmail.com

Mary Hidas (17/03/17)
Looking for:  Most casual sail & cruising, but also keen to do some friendly racing to gain experience. Happy to take any crew role.

Experience:  Over the years I’ve done quite a few weekend trips on rented sail boats (back when you could rent them without any qualifications), so am fairly comfortable on a boat. I did the RYA Competent Crew course last year, but haven’t managed to get on a boat since then.

Contact on 0478 099 660 or email hidasmarci@gmail.com

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