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Skipper Seeking Crew


Crew Role Required: Any Role

Dates Needed: 19/11/2016 Onwards

Contact on 0439 430 540 or email abwise1@bigpond.com

Crew Available

Kendal (05/04/17)
Looking for: A regular role, but happy to pick up what I can to get me on the water until then. Free Wednesdays.

Experience: Have  some sailing experience, previously crewing on Adams 10 and Runnalls 39 based at RPYC, but haven’t sailed for about 3 years. Currently working as a Coxswain for a local tour operator, so comfortable on the water, but looking to grow my sailing knowledge and experience.

Contact on 0423 414 655 or email kendalboughton@gmail.com

Jennifer Birch (17/03/17)
Looking for: I am seeking a regular crew role during the winter series, any role will be fine.

Experience: I hold competent crew quals, have raced on Div 1 boats both in Brisbane and now in Hobart.  Currently crewing on Illusion and a member of DSS.

Contact on 0423 320 844 or email jennifer.birch@utas.edu.au

Mary Hidas (17/03/17)
Looking for:  Most casual sail & cruising, but also keen to do some friendly racing to gain experience. Happy to take any crew role.

Experience:  Over the years I’ve done quite a few weekend trips on rented sail boats (back when you could rent them without any qualifications), so am fairly comfortable on a boat. I did the RYA Competent Crew course last year, but haven’t managed to get on a boat since then.

Contact on 0478 099 660 or email hidasmarci@gmail.com

Strath Rabbidge (27/02/17)
Looking for: I’m looking for any crew role available.

Experience: I’ve sailed lazers plenty and crewed a few times in Port Phillip and just spent 10 days sailing in Greece. I’m savvy in the water but need and want to be more savvy with sailing. Looking forward to getting as much experience as possible before I own my own.

Contact on 0419 172 916 or email rabbidge@hotmail.com

Geoff Endo (27/02/17)
Looking for: casual sail, twilights, willing to commit to crew if things work out well.

Experience: Although I do not have any real sailing experience to speak of, I am a marine science student that has had experience on numerous small motor vessels. I am super keen to learn the lines, meet some good people and I’m ready to do whatever it takes to help out on board!

Contact on 0475 416 959 or email geoff.endo@gmail.com

Jonathan Enojo (27/02/17)
Looking for: casual sail.

Experience: 30y/o Canadian accountant working towards the Australian PR. Looking to get into day sailing and getting experience on keelboats (under 42′) in coastal and blue water.   Going to try to sail from NY to Australia before I turn 35. 🙂

Qualifications: Completed basic crew & basic cruising courses with Sail Canada (Canadian standard) in 2012/2013 [4 day crewing/cruising course around Victoria Island, Canada]. Cansail 1-3 Dinghy sailing in 2012/2013.

Contact on 0488 939 715 or email enojo.jon@gmail.com

Tom Fulton (27/02/17)
Looking for: Casual sail/monthly sail.

Experience: Been crewing on many cruising sailing trips on Menage F33 Trimaran. Keen to start racing. Wanting to learn new skills, meet new people and challenge myself.

Contact on 0488 959 818 or email thomasfulton16@gmail.com

Laura Mony (24/02/17)
Looking for: I just arrive in Hobart and I would like to find a crew and be a regular. I don’t mind to start by some casual sail.

Experience: I am sailing since I am 5 years old. I started on small boats like Optimist and Laser. Also, back home (I am from Canada), for the past 7 years, I was a sailing teacher on those kind of boats. I also navigated a lot on bigger boat like single-hull vessel and catamaran. I never did regatta but I did a trip, for a year, around the world on a catamaran when I was 13th years old. Since then I am still navigating during summer. I learn sailing in French, so it will be a good way to learn the specific words in English.

Contact on 0499 908 669 or email lau.mony@hotmail.com

David Reilly (20/02/17)
Looking for: Any role.

Experience: Licensed boat operator with good knowledge and experience of sailing, boat safety, navigation etc.  Looking to gain more experience on larger sailing vessels as part of long-term preparations for the purchase of a cruising live-aboard. Usually available at short notice outside business hours or on weekends to crew.

Contact on 0428 510 641 or email david.d.reilly@gmail.com 

Trevor Thrale (18/01/17)
Looking for: Regular crew role.

Experience: Started sailing last year have completed the Yachtmaster Coastal course and I am very keen to get into racing.  I live locally and can be available anytime from March 17.

Contact on 0479 697 092 or email tthrale@aol.com

Amos Wherrett (23/11/16)
Looking for: Would like to crew once a week to start with, late afternoons/evenings preferably.

Experience: I am 15, I haven’t really had any experience on bigger boats, and have never raced before, but I have done quiet a bit of dinghy sailing, and i am keen to get to know the ropes on a bigger boat.

Contact on 6253 5206 or email amos.wherrett@gmail.com

Christine Materia (30/10/16)
Looking for: Regular Crew Role. Twilights, long races and O/N. Keen to learn as much as possible in prep for buying my own boat and sailing away.

Experience: Some experience – main/jib been sailing twilight at KYC for many years. ex Sandringham Yacht Club and CYCA sailing in Melb. Some open water experience. Currently member at KYC.

Available: Available from Dec 2016. Will commit to full race season if works well with skipper/crew and I

Contact on 0438 266 425 or email christine.materia@utas.edu.au

John Stones (19/10/16)
Looking for: A casual sail for my (non-sailing) partner and I at the 2017 Wooden Boat Festival.

Experience: Foredeck hand on vessels up to 40′ 2002-2011, club racing English Channel/Isle of Wight, and Moreton Bay, Brisbane. Started dinghy and catamaran sailing in the late 70’s.

Contact on 0449 132 821 or email john@stones.net.au

Peter Pangas (02/10/16)
Looking for: Looking for crew for the harbour pointscore races only as I am already committed for the long races. Would prefer a yacht sailing in Division 1.

Experience: Extensive inshore and offshore experience over the last 30 years. 8 Sydney to Hobarts, 6 Gosford to Lord Howe Islands. 1 Trans Tasman, numerous costal races in NSW and Tasmania, Saturday pointscores in Sydney and Hobart. Have worked in all positions on yachts from Foredeck to Skippering. Have been crewing on 42 South since 2002 though this boat is only doing the long series now.

Contact on 0414 696 587 or email peterpangas@hotmail.com

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